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Homeownership Application

Homeowner Services

Initial Application


As of 11/1/2016 Habitat for Humanity of Hernando County will be charging an application fee to cover administration costs. The fee will be $30 for individual applicants and $60 for joint applicants. Payment by cash or check when you return you application. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Pre-Qualification Application

Please answer the following questions with as much accuracy as possible. Inaccurate answers may negatively impact your application in the future.

Have you lived or worked in the Hernando County area for at least 1 year?
Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?
If YES, has it been discharged for 5 years or more?
If approved, how many people would be living in the Habitat home, including yourself?
Sweat Equity
Are you willing to make a commitment to the Habitat program, which requires that the homeowner candidates earn "Sweat Equity' hours and attend a series of homeownership classes?
What is your total MONTHLY income, including income from all those 18 and older who will be living in the home. Include income from the following sources; Wages (before taxes and deductions), Social Security, alimony, child support, disability, any other regular (verifiable) income. DO NOT INCLUDE food stamps or TANF.
What is your total monthly expenses? (please include credit card payments, insurance, child care, alimony/child support payments, loans or any other debts. DO NOT INCLUDE food, rent or utilities.
Do you have any accounts that are in collection at this time? (Do not include any medical collections)
If YES, give an estimate of the total amount.
If you have collections of more than $1,500 or are unsure of the debts that you have, you can obtain a FREE credit report from Credit Karma. Most banks will also provide one FREE report per year. Please upload a copy of the Credit Report.
No file selected
Briefly state your reasons for needing a Habitat Home.
Where did you hear about Habitat for Humanity?