Our Community Partners

Habitat for Humanity of Hernando County proudly presents our amazing partners that help us achieve our mission

Thank you to the Brooksville Garden Club

Showing our Gratitude

For over 15 years the Brooksville Garden Club has partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Hernando County to help give our partnered families a special place to call home. 

Thank you all so much for everything you do for our community!

“Brooksville Garden Club Membership received a Certificate of Appreciation from Habitat for Humanity of Hernando County Executive Director, Richard Sanvenero Sr. at their November 13th meeting.
Brooksville Garden Club Volunteers provide the front shrub landscape planting for Habitat homes and gift each new homeowner a watering hose. Shrub donations are gratefully accepted from the many local garden shops and nursery owners in Brooksville. Habitat’s new home landscaping has been a Community Endeavor for Brooksville Garden Club for over 15 years.”
Ronette Snyder,
Brooksville Garden Club Publicity Volunteer, 352-544-5669
Brooksville Garden Club representatives being presented with a Certificate of Appreciation
On the Left is BGC Volunteer Coordinators Liza Paul and Connie Hopkins, with Habitat Director Richard Sanvenero, Sr.
Photo Courtesy of Faye Petersen
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